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In April of 2021 JCYF moved into our new building. We started programing a few week after moving in. Our goal is to provide a wide variety of affordable, youth activities for children in the community. Below you will find some of the activities we have done with the children along with photographs from the event. Click here to see a full schedule of upcoming events.

STEM Night 4/16/21

Healthy Eats 4/30/21

Mommy & Me 5/7/21

Preschool Playtime 5/14/21

Birdhouse with Seniors 5/19

Cupcakes & Canvas 5/21/21

Movie Night 5/28/21

Space Day 6/2/21

Disney Ball 6/4/21

Hawaiian Day 6/9/21

Daddy & Me Building 6/11/21

Dinosaur Day 6/21/21

Animal Day 7/7/21

Summer Camp 7/12-7/16

Glow Night 7/17/21

Tie Dye Day 7/19/21

Lego Night 7/23/21

Camping Day 7/26/21

Carnival Night 7/30/21

JCYF Pool Party 7/20/21

More Coming Soon

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