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Feeding children in Jennings County all summer long.

The Jennings County Youth Foundation has been participating in the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) since 2016.  SFSP is a USDA and US Department of Education sponsored program whose goal is to provide healthy well-balanced meals to youth during the summer.  Jennings County qualifies for the program because of our income and free/reduced lunch rates.  


Every year Jennings County Youth Foundation applies for the program. We have volunteers run the program. Our volunteers have to coordinate with other organizations to choose sites for the program, they have to purchase food for the program, and complete all the necessary paperwork needed to keep the program running.


JCYF is currently supporting three sites, Latchkey at NVE ran by Imagination Daycare (closed site), CSL ran by our FLASH (open site), and First Baptist Church ran by First Baptist Church (open site). We also provided meals for 2 vacation bible schools and Summer Kids Camp. 


All the youth in Jennings County may attend one of our two open sites. There are no requirements to receive a free meal. 

Summer Food Program


CSL Clubhouse

FLASH is a program that helps feeds the children and families of Jennings County. JCYF took ownership of this program in 2020. FLASH offers free meals to kids and also distributes family boxes in partnership with Gleaners Food Bank in Indy.


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First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church joined us as an open site for children in Jennings County to get a free, hot meal in 2019. JCYF purchases and delivers the food for the program and the church organizes volunteers to help.

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Imagination Daycare

Imagination Daycare is our third site. This site is closed to the public, but does provide food for a large number of children in Jennings County that attend the the daycare throughout the summer.

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